Risk Management

Emcon PM Feb 2012 12

PM BU has extensive experience in Risk Management and offers continuing support to clients in order to reduce their risk and commercial exposure at business and project levels. Effective Risk Management will not only avoid potential claims but also identify exciting new opportunities to further enhance the success of achieving and even exceeding business objectives. We introduce cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the client and encourage participation on all levels to ensure an all-inclusive solution that can be maintained into the future.

Risk Management Services

  • Definition of Risk Policy and Strategy
  • Facilitation of Workshops
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Risk Reporting Systems
  • Risk Awareness
  • Development of Risk Process and Procedure
  • Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Identification and Enhancement of Opportunities
  • Project and Business Risk Management

Depending on the nature and complexity of the risk environment, risks are managed using either Excel based registers or alternatively specific Risk Management software.