Commercial Development

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Commercial Development for utilities. There is a strong trend to unbundled vertically integrated utilities as well as a trend to ring-fence the electricity operations of local and regional authorities and separate them into regional electricity distribution companies. This often represents a major shift in orientation and organisation. From our experience of working within utilities as well as consulting to utilities, regulators and policy makers we can assist with many facets of commercial development, particularly at electricity distribution level.

  • Electricity Tariff Development: Development and review of tariffs, submission of tariffs to regulator for approval, determining customer impact of tariff changes, tariff harmonisation;
  • Business Planning: Development of business plans for regional electricity distributor companies, financial modelling and forecasting;
  • Asset Determination and Valuation: Building of techno-financial asset registers for distribution companies, asset valuation;
  • Development of data collection and analysis models and software for planning, commercial analysis, revenue analysis, customer management and others;
  • Financial modelling, forecasting and analysis;
  • Development of management systems and processes.